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Wave of Bliss

Meditation Weekend

with Juanita Manis

Rejuvenate your Soul with a deep inward stroke into the Field of Infinite Being, where embodiment and transcendence form the ultimate union. Come ride the Wave with us.
Rejuvenate your life. You deserve it!

Your teacher, Juanita Manis, has taught Meditation, Tantra and Yoga internationally for 33 years, and has been recognized as an expert in the Field of Consciousness.

If you've been wondering what meditation is really about,
now is your chance to explore this inner realm under the guidance of a master. If you are an experienced meditator, come ride the wave of coherence generated by our group as you release stress and rejuvenate your practice. Experienced or Beginner, you will reap the reward of authentic practice.

Pricing:  $250.00
Friday, May 10th:       7pm - 9 pm
Saturday, May 11th:  9am - 9pm (lunch and dinner included)
Sunday, May 12th:    9am - 1pm (lunch included)

To make your reservation contact us by...
Phone: 787-640-9994 (Yancarlo)
Email: ayurvedahealthretreat@gmail.com

Release Stress
   Restore Balance
       Relax in a supportive environment
           Rejuvenate your Self...

Experience the peace and calm that is achieved through deepening your meditation practice.

Gain Insight into your Self, with these simple yet powerful techniques.

"Meditation is a culmination of the Yogic and Ayurvedic knowledge... ...Over the years, thousand of meditators have been studied to assess the benefits of the practice. The findings included changes in brain wave activity that indicated increased rest and relaxation; and dramatic reduction in oxygen consumption, breath rate, and blood lactate levels. High lactate levels are associated with uneasiness and anxiety; and low levels with peace and calm. The lactate levels of the meditators were among the lowest ever measured in human beings." Ayurvedaplace.com

Students of all religious backgrounds are welcome to experience this age old spiritual practice of realization.

This is NOT a meditation teacher training, and in no way do we condone nor encourage to teach the learnt practices for reasons that are complex to share in this post. This is a course that is practical and a deeply experiential opportunity to meditate under a highly experienced and professional meditation teacher.

You can read a bunch of books, but as you will experience and later understand, it takes a master to help you ascend rapidly into the deeper levels of the Self.

Juanita Manis will first guide you thru simple yoga positions (no yoga experience is necessary), followed by focused breathing, followed by guided meditation sessions, to allow a deep meditative state.

After these practical sessions we will have discussions to share and dissolve the challenges that meditation students face. Juanita will also provide theoretical information to further enable students for longer and more profound meditation sessions.


"I teach beginning, intermediate, advanced, and mastery level classes. All levels include instruction and support in observing one’s psychological and philosophical framework from the yogic tradition. However, the advanced and mastery level classes are much more rigorous in the study and cultivation of skills used in the transformation of personal psychology and the development of a personal philosophical world view. Mastery level students are accepted after extensive interviews or upon completion of my advanced level courses."

Received diksha (initiation) from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1993 and in 1995 completed training as a Transcendental Meditator Sidha.

In 2004 she received diksha from Srila B.V. Narayana Maharaj, a disciple of A.C. Baktivedanta Prabhupada

In 2008 she was initiated into the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD, and received the blessings and support of H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji Maharaj to continue my work in teaching yoga philosophy and yoga techniques and also for creating a center for Yoga, Vedic and Tantric studies.

In 2009 Swami Shiv Ram Das Maharaj blessed the sacred healing energy that flow through her

Certified: Trika Navigation, 500 Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master (Usui)

Memberships: Himalayan Institute, American Academy of Religion, Association of Ayurvedic Proffesionals of North America, Yoga Alliance, National Ayurvedic Medical Association.